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  Be aware. good deal for Mnt. Ste. Marie,  
I just thought everyone should know that there IS a solution to driving up, paying full price, and paying gas. At T and L, you can muy a ticked for 35$ which pays for a grey hound bus(pick up/drop off at lansdown park), gets you a cheap ticket and gets you a complimentary coffee and muffin
This is a good deal, the bus is really comfy and the show some pretty cool boarding videos on the way there....
By: Cheech - On: 2004-01-30 09:09:56

  Switchride development back under way  
Hey is now back under active development on both sides. We will be undergoing an intense graphical change and a whole slew a new functionality is on the way.

By: JMan - On: 2004-01-30 09:09:56
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